Health & Safety Consultancy

It is vital that all organizations comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd will provide a high quality consultancy service which will enable companies to develop systems that fulfill the criteria as laid down in the Health and Safety ‘Six Pack’ Regulations:

  • Management of Health & Safety at Work.
  • Manual Handling Operations.
  • Display Screen Equipment.
  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare).
  • Provision and use of Work Equipment.
  • Personal Protective Equipment.

Our normal approach would be the following:

Stage 1 To meet with the key members of staff to discuss the proposal to audit the operation. This meeting will aim to develop a team approach to auditing and highlight the benefits to the organization.

Stage 2 To tour the site and gather information on the range of the operation.

Stage 3 To conduct and record a hazard analysis covering all aspects of the operation.

Stage 4 To develop recording documentation for each aspect of the operation.

Stage 5 To train all staff in the implementation of the systems.

Stage 6 To monitor the Health and Safety aspects of the operation and provide regular reports on the findings. These reports will highlight both areas of concern and ‘good practice’.

Stage 7 To meet regularly with the team to agree any remedial action necessary to ensure food safety and to ‘fine tune’ the system.

Risk assessments will be carried out to demonstrate ‘Due Diligence’ which will ensure legal compliance and act as a basis for staff training exercises.

The benefits of such activities are:

  • Compliance with legislation.
  • Provides a basis for 'Due Diligence' defence.
  • Reduces accidents and incidents.
  • Protects the name of the company.
  • Contributes to quality assurance systems.
  • Develops management confidence in systems and personnel.
  • Highlights training needs.
  • Promotes a team approach to safety.

As part of the services offered, Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd can also provide:

  • Staff training.
  • Develop staff training manuals.
  • Be involved in inspections by Enforcement Officers.
  • Investigate customer complaints in regard to issues involving Health and Safety.

Expert Witness

Commissions are accepted for both criminal and civil proceedings. The range of situations for counselling may include:

  • Disputes between contractual parties .
  • Opinions on acceptance or rejection of products.
  • Assessment of risk relating to food processing.
  • "due diligence" defence under the Food Safety Act, 1990.
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