Food Hygiene Consultancy

Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd can offer a highly professional consultancy service to help companies develop and maintain documented food safety management systems as required by the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006. We also offer four ‘Peace of Mind’ contracts that may include auditing, training, dealing with food incidents, liaising with Environmental Health etc.

Food Hygiene Auditing

Third party auditing has become a common concept within certain sectors of the catering industry over the past decade. It has two main uses:

  • To provide an assessment of a company that a client may intend to use to supply them.
  • To protect the name of the organisation by providing a system of ‘due diligence’, which is the main defence under the Food Safety Act 1990.

Expert Witness

Commissions are accepted for both criminal and civil proceedings. The range of situations for counselling may include:

  • Disputes between contractual parties .
  • Opinions on acceptance or rejection of products.
  • Assessment of risk relating to food processing.
  • "due diligence" defence under the Food Safety Act, 1990.


The aims of food hygiene auditing are:

  • To check that there are systems in place, i.e.HACCP to ensure that ‘safe food’ is being produced.
  • To make sure that such systems are understood by the workforce and are being complied with.
  • To provide management with a tool that will enable them to monitor the effectiveness of food safety systems
  • To provide a basis for a defence of ‘due diligence

Our consultancy service can also be used when designing a new catering establishment or refurbishing an existing premises so that all measures are taken to achieve high standards of food safety.

The benefits of this service are:

  • Compliance with legal standards
  • Enables effective and efficient cleaning & disinfection routines
  • Promotes customer confidence leading to profitability
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