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Care Industry



For the past four years we have been supplying food hygiene training to MCCH Society Ltd, a company that provides specialist care for people with learning disabilities, mental health and autism related issues. In conjunction with MCCH managers we have also developed a new food safety policy and trained a large number of key workers in HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) so that they can effectively manage food safety within each unit.

I have found it very difficult to deal with those who have been bereaved but after the training session with Barry today I feel much more able to cope with it in the future. 

Brian, Care Worker

I hope that I never have to put into practice some of the skills that I learnt today, especially using a fire extinguisher but at least I know what to do now, which I didn’t before. Ray made it a really worthwhile experience and it is training for life as well as work. 

Carol, Care Manager

We have been working with Hygiene Management Solutions for the past 2 years as we needed a company that could provide all the training programmes we required rather than use several different organisations. Our remit is to provide training programmes to care organisations across the Medway area.
Dennis has a group of really professional trainers who have a wide range of experience in the care sector and who always provide excellent training sessions for our clients. Some of the staff that we train are not used to going on courses and as a result feel anxious about what they are letting themselves in for, but with Hygiene Management Solutions this has not been a problem as they always put everyone at ease. Whenever we have wanted to add a new course to our portfolio HMS have been able to do it and it seems there is no course that they cannot provide. 

Dee Simpson, Medway College of Social Care

I was nervous about the administration of medication but Carina has given me so much more confidence in this part of my job. She is a great trainer. 

Jackie, Care Worker

Barbara who trained us on the health & safety course made us feel very comfortable with the training, even though some of us were really dreading it, especially the test at the end. Thank you, Barbara, you made it a special occasion for us.

Jane Carling, Care Worker

Food Industry

Rhokett Ltd

Rhokett Ltd

Rhokett Ltd is a specialist food company that produces chilled and frozen desserts for a wide range of outlets. Rhokett's reputation has been built on producing products using only the finest ingredients and produced within the most hygienic conditions that can be achieved.

When we were told that we ought to consider having a training course developed for our company I thought that we would not be able to afford it. I could not believe it when Dennis told me it would cost me no more than any of the other courses on offer. Our staff really enjoyed the session and I could see that they wanted to improve the standards of hygiene straight away. 

C. Bowden,

HACCP seemed a mystery to me before Dennis showed us that it could fit even in to our business. Now we can be confident that we are obeying the Law but also that we are ensuring that our food is as safe as can be, and that must be good for business.

D. Harrington, Fast Food Owner

That was a great day. I never realised that food hygiene could be such an interesting course. I can’t wait to get back to work to change some of the things we do. 

Peter, Restaurant chef

We had a real problem finding a company that could provide training to our chefs as most of them speak Mandarin Chinese as their first language. Dennis found the answer by providing a translator, Ning, who not only spoke to our staff in their language but provided test papers in Chinese. Amazing!

Sushi Manufacturer,

As one of the largest visitor attractions in Kent we have to ensure that our staff are trained to the highest level so that we feel confident that they have the ability to consistently produce safe food to our clients. We asked Hygiene Management Solutions to help us as we had been recommended by another company. We started with a foundation course which the staff really enjoyed and as a result we trained our supervisors at intermediate level and our managers to advanced level. The managers, including myself, had to do two written assignments and throughout the process Dennis supported us and got us through it. You will not find a better trainer. 

S. Roberts, Food & Beverage Operations Manager

The team at Hygiene Management Solutions identified our training needs and developed a food safety course specifically for our business at no added cost. The results of this were that staff felt that the training was relevant, were able to immediately put the knowledge gained into practice and it was delivered in a way that made them feel relaxed and valued. A further benefit to the company was that our training time was halved as the course only dealt with relevant information and of course this meant that our training costs were also halved. We pack fruit for all the major supermarket chains in the UK which means that we have tight deadlines to keep, making time very important to us. We could not have asked for a better result and Hygiene Management Solutions really did find the solution to our problem.

T. Hill, Quality Assurance Manager

Children's Nursaries

Academy Childcare

Academy Childcare

We provide food hygiene and first aid training to all of Academy Childcare units across the country to ensure that the staff are fully conversant in how to prevent food incidents and to ensure that they can deal with an emergency first aid situation.

Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd was first involved with Academy Childcare in 2000 when Bluewater Shopping Centre was opened. Since then we have gone on to deliver the training in each of the Academy Childcare units as they have opened from Lancashire to Bristol.

Bethany School

Bethany School

Bethany School is a private school that is developing an international reputation for excellence. Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd is contributing to that success by supporting the pupils in their food technology classes and by helping them to find first class work experience within the food industry.

The development of food safety, health & safety and fire safety management systems can be a sensitive subject for some customers and therefore it is not always possible to publish details of which companies that we work with but others include hotel groups, children's nurseries, bakeries, restaurant groups, care homes etc.

Dennis’s team have been training my staff for the past 3 years in food hygiene, health & safety and paediatric first aid. I wouldn’t use any other company as they always make my staff feel important and when they come back to work they have a more positive attitude to safety which can only be good for my business.

Barbara, Nursery Owner

I really enjoyed the first aid course that Martyn trained me on. As an ex-paramedic he was really able to get across to us how important first aid can be, not only in the workplace but in the home. Thanks Martyn.

Brenda, Nursery Assistant

Looking after children is such a responsibility and we need to make sure that the food we give them is as safe as can be. Dennis was able to show us exactly what we need to do to ensure that we never have a problem. It was worth every penny.

Felicity, Nursery Owner

Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd have been providing food hygiene and first aid training of a very high standard for Academy Childcare since 1999. Dennis’s team deliver courses that are not only cost effective, but provide our staff with all the latest news and techniques, and are fun to participate in. The trainers will also take into account any special needs that our staff may have and get them all to relax so that they enjoy the experience

Julie Broad, Academy Childcare


We employ a nationally recognised contract caterer to provide meals for our 2,000 staff and thought that we were doing all we could to provide safe food for our people. However, one Friday afternoon a member of the contractors staff informed us of a number of poor practices that were going on in the canteens which he thought we should know about. We were horrified, and needed to act immediately. Just by chance we found Hygiene Management Solutions on the internet and contacted them; although by this time it was 7pm and we had really given up hope of finding any help until the following Monday morning. However, Dennis was still at his desk and was able to get on a plane over the weekend and fly to meet us. He had already devised a plan to audit the kitchens and interview key members of staff. By the end of the two days that it took to carry out the investigation we were happy that the accusations were not justified and that the member of staff who made them had a number of grudges against his employer.

However, the audit did highlight a number of issues of concern and we were then able to insist that these were dealt with so that we could rest assured that our staff were being served safe food.
We have continued to use Dennis to audit our premises on a regular basis and he has also highlighted to us the potential risks with hydrogenated fats that can be found in food. As an international manufacturing company that really does care about its employees this is an issue that we have taken seriously and have insisted that these fats do not appear in any foods served in our canteens. We highly recommend Hygiene Management Solutions. 

A. Till, Health & Safety Director

For several years Dennis has been helping us to achieve the very highest standards of food safety that we have set for ourselves. We first used him to train our staff which they all enjoyed and they love to see him visit so that they can show off their new methods to him. Since then he has helped us to develop our new food safety system which has really helped us in attracting new clients for our outside catering venture because they can see how much we care about food safety.

Ricky Francomb, Wholemeal Sandwich Company

As Dennis has provided training for us over the past few years, we thought that it would make good sense to ask him to help us develop a new Food Hygiene Policy to enhance the Safer Food, Better Business system that we have recently introduced. We have been very pleased with the results and it now forms the basis for our food safety training that Dennis and his team carry out for us. We do our own in-house auditing with regard to health & safety but Dennis has also been able to guide us as to how to include food safety auditing at the same time. We find Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd proactive, highly dependable and thoroughly professional in all they do.

Stephen Boggins, MCCH

When we decided to introduce a new food safety management system based on HACCP Principles we spoke to two companies about helping us to achieve our goals. Before speaking to Dennis at Hygiene Management Solutions we had met with a London based company, who seemed to be very efficient. However, when we met with Dennis we felt much more comfortable as he use to be a chef and he knew instinctively of the problems we face in our business. The system he helped us to develop has been easy to use and our local EHO has been very impressed with it.

Steve, Head Chef, London Livery Company

When we decided to introduce a new food safety management system based on HACCP Principles we spoke to two companies about helping us to achieve our goals. Before speaking to Dennis at Hygiene Management Solutions we had met with a London based company, who seemed to be very efficient. However, when we met with Dennis we felt much more comfortable as he use to be a chef and he knew instinctively of the problems we face in our business. The system he helped us to develop has been easy to use and our local EHO has been very impressed with it.

Steve, Head Chef, London Livery Company

Not only have we used Hygiene Management Solutions to deliver all of our food safety training but we have also used them to develop our new food safety management system. We knew that there was new legislation coming in to effect in January 2006 and so we wanted to be ahead of the game and have our HACCP system in place before then. As a visitor attraction centre we have very large numbers of clients to feed every day of the year and it is my job to ensure that food safety is of the highest standard. All the staff were amazed at how easy Dennis made it for us and the attitude to food safety has increased dramatically. They are now so proud of what they are achieving, which can only be good for the business.

S. Roberts, Food & Beverage Operations Manager

We have been providing fish products to many high class caterers across London for many years. With the changes in Legislation we found that we were under pressure to make sure that we comply with all aspects of the law. Hygiene Management Solutions were able to help us through this minefield. We first introduced a HACCP system which we never thought would be so easy or so useful. In conjunction with Dennis we set up a HACCP team and he led us through the process, developed the documentation and then trained the staff in how to implement it on a daily basis. Dave our factory manager has taken over the responsibility for food safety on a daily basis and is now so much more confident in what he does because of the training and support that Dennis was able to give him.

We have recently moved to new premises and Dennis has worked closely with Environmental Health to ensure that our Approval Number has been granted and that the EHO is happy with all aspects of safety. We have now employed Dennis to develop our BRC accreditation which should enable us to push the business forward by attracting new clients who would expect such procedures to be in place. Vincent Sullivan, Managing Director Penbra-Wyatts Fisheries Ltd

Vincent Sullivan, Managing Director, Penbra-Wyatts Fisheries Ltd

Due to the sensitivity of the nature of some of the work we carry out in helping clients who have been accused of food safety or health & safety issues, which may in the end prove to be false, it is not always possible to print the names of these clients.

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