Case Studies

Care Homes
Care Homes

For the past 3 years we have been working with a large care organisation providing their 2,000 staff with food hygiene training, at both Foundation and Intermediate level.
More recently we have developed for this client a training course based on Safer Food, Better Business, which is the food safety management system that they have adopted to comply with the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.
We have also been able to update their food safety policy and ensure that it covered all the necessary areas. This has then enabled us to train their managers in the standards that the company requires them, and their staff to achieve, and the practical methods for ensuring that this is done on a daily basis.

Children's Nurseries
Children's Nurseries

Our first client was a local chain of nurseries that was expanding rapidly and needed to ensure that their staff were trained in food hygiene. We have now been working with that client for nearly eight years and have been able to offer a much wider range of training and support to them as they have developed.

This includes: Paediatric First Aid, Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, COSHH, Manual Handling and Fire Training. We are also able to develop for them a food safety management and health & safety management system linked to an ongoing 'Peace of Mind' contract which includes regular audits of their premises to ensure that the systems are being adhered to, emergency call out, investigation of incidents and liaison with enforcement officers.

Fish Bar
Fish Bar

A small fish bar has recently been fined £1,500 plus £500 in costs for:

  • Failure to comply with improvement notice etc - to undergo training to level 1 as prescribed in the "Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice – Catering Guide" – S.10(2) Food Safety Act 1990.
  • Failure to comply with improvement notice etc - so as to identify and implement effective control and monitoring procedures at points that are critical to ensuring food safety in that no effective control and monitoring procedures had been implemented. - S.10(2) FSA 90

Failure to comply with improvement notice etc which required that the gaps between doors and the floor be reduced as necessary to ensure that it prevents the entry of rats, mice and other pests in that the said gaps had not been reduced as necessary whether by fitting a bristle strip or otherwise. S.10(2) FSA 90.

As a result of us being introduced to the client we were, first, able to develop a food safety management system that was specific to that business and then use the system to be the basis for the training that was required.

We believe that both food safety and health & safety systems should be specific to a company and that the staff should have an input into its development, as they are the 'experts' within their organisation. Also if the staff are involved in the development and implementation they are more likely to understand the systems and put them into practice on a daily basis which is the whole point of having systems.

The Company is now fully compliant with food safety legislation and is able to promote the fact that it takes food safety seriously.

Restaurant Chain
Restaurant Chain

A second client introduced to us has 4 restaurants, two of which are large establishments in prestigious locations. At the time we met the client he was facing 12 charges under the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 which included the failure to have conducted a hazard analysis and implement a food safety management system.

As 'expert witnesses' we were able to look at the charges and point out the faults in the evidence that the local authority produced and as a result, four of the charges were dropped.

As with the previous case study we developed a food safety system, which is now implemented, and also as a result of this, a range of poor practices were identified and changed.

We also carried out a full health & safety audit of the business and developed a health and safety manual, specific to the business and have begun its implementation. A further service that we were able to offer was that of conducting a fire risk assessment to ensure that the company is complying with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which came into force on October 1st 2006.

A further result of our work with the client is that we have been retained to continue with them on a minimum of one day per month to carry out regular audits, train staff, liaise with enforcement officers and to help the company develop a centralised production kitchen to supply each restaurant, as this will enable much stricter controls on the safe production of food to be observed.

At the time of writing these notes the client has still not been to court but is likely to face a fine of at least £8,000 plus considerable costs. All of which could have been avoided if we had been introduce to them at an earlier stage. However, it does mean, that in the future the client will have a 'Due Diligence' defence that will protect them from further prosecutions.

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