Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

Founded in 1883 the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health is a professional and educational body, dedicated to the promotion of environmental health and to encouraging the highest possible standards in the training and the work of environmental professionals.

The CIEH has around 9,800 members around the world with the majority of them in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As well as providing services and information to its members it also advises government departments on environmental health issues and is consulted by them on proposed legislation relevant to environmental health professionals.

Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd is a registered centre with the CIEH and complies with the CIEH Charter on training and is audited by CIEH in accordance with their rules.

Community Mark

Community Mark

Helping the local community is very important to us and in 2005 we committed to the principles of the national Community Mark scheme. The Community Mark scheme commits us to integrating these principles into future business planning:

  • Responsible business practice in relation to staff, customers, suppliers and the environment.
  • A named individual for taking the lead on our approach to community activity.
  • Making community involvement part of our values.
  • Integrating our commitment to community activity into our business objectives.
  • Using our community programme to complement the management and development of employees.
  • Keeping a check on the amount and type of resources put in and the benefits gained by our organisation and the community.
  • Ensuring effective management, communication and development of our community programme.

Our community partner is the children’s charity Second Chance, Portsmouth (but look after the needs of young people all over the UK).

We are always willing to look at taking on more community partners, so if you would like to discuss this with us, then please contact Dennis Usher on 01474 536662 or



Highfield are probably the leading supplier of high quality training materials in food hygiene and health and safety in the U.K. We not only use their materials for all of our courses but also carry out training across the South East of England for Highfield Publications.

Investors In People

Investors In People

To keep our customers happy we must ensure that we are meeting their needs successfully. To do this, Hygiene Management Solutions needs its people, at all levels, to do a good job and produce high quality work. As an IIP organization we recognise the importance of our staff and help them to develop their potential, improve their skills and gain greater job satisfaction. Successful organisations are those that appreciate their people and value the contribution they can make. By receiving encouragement and praise, everyone within the organisation pulls together as a team which in turn contributes to the overall success of the Company. Hygiene Management Solutions Ltd was recognized as an Investor in People organisation in June 2005.

What is in it for our staff?

  • A good working environment.
  • Recognition and development.
  • Pride in being part of a successful organisation.
  • Good quality training when required.
  • Improved job satisfaction.
  • Better communication.
  • Skill and career development opportunities.
  • Increased responsibility and involvement.
  • Health and safety gains.

Royal Institute of Public Health

Royal Institute of Public Health

The Royal Institute of Public Health is a leading independent body with an international reputation dedicated to the promotion, practise and protection of the highest standards of public health.

Hygiene Management Solutions is registered as a Centre to deliver courses through The Royal Institute of Public Health.

Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health was founded in 1876 following the Public Health Act in 1875. It was born into a period of great change within the areas of public health provision and sanitary reform to which it contributed significantly. During its first fifty years, The Society became the leading public health organisation both in Great Britain and the rest of the world. We were soon renowned for our events and conferences on pioneering and topical issues, and our qualifications for people working in public health professions. By the 1950s The Society was a leading authority in its field, and was regularly consulted by governments and the international press on health related issues. Since the 1970s, The Society has focused its activities on the most successful areas of its work - examinations, certification and the Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health.

Hygiene Management Solutions is registered as a Centre to deliver courses through The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health.

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT)

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology

For companies who wish to develop Foundation Level Food Hygiene training around their company Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system SOFHT provide a scheme to offer such accredited training.

We can help your company to develop such a training scheme and deliver it to your workforce. The main benefit to this training is that it is specific to your company needs instead of being a general food hygiene qualification.

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